FEX PAY is a fast and easy way to submit your auto loan payment directly to your dealer!

Make a single payment.

Stay up-to-date with your account(s) by viewing balance amounts, your payment history and due dates, view Payoff information and more.

Whether it's changing your home address, employer information or a phone number, you have the ability to update your information.

How Does it Work?

Using FEX PAY is easy and convenient!

To set up your FEX PAY account, you'll need the following:
- The last name on the loan.
- Your most recent loan payment receipt, which shows your loan number.
- The last four digits of the social security number of the primary borrower on the loan.

Forms of payment your dealer may accept:
- To make a payment from your active savings or checking account, you'll need to supply your bank routing and account numbers.
- To make a payment with your ATM/Debit card, you'll need a card that features a Pulse, Star, or NYCE Logo.
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