Registration Questions

Q: I previously registered on AutoBoing. Do I need to re-register?
A: No. Your same login credentials will work on FEX PAY.

Q: What do I need to register?
A: In order to access your loan account online, you will need to provide your Last Name, Loan Number and the last 4 of your social security number.

Q: Does it cost anything to register?
A: No. FEX PAY is free to register and it provides you an easy way to monitor your loan(s) and quickly make payments.

FEX PAY - Payment Questions

Q: Can I use FEX PAY to pay my auto loan(s)?
A: Yes! If your dealer/loan company is a subscribing FEX DMS dealer and they have the online payment interface activated, then you should be able to login and make loan payments.

Q: Can I pay with Credit Cards and/or electronic checks?
A: Depending on how your dealer configured your account, you may be able to pay with either a current credit/debit card and/or electronic check (ACH).

Q: Can I schedule future payments?
A: If your account is current (not past due), then are able to schedule a future payment.

Q: Am I able to cancel a previously scheduled payment?
A: Yes, as long as you cancel it before the date it is scheduled to post to your account.

Q: Am I able to post a Payoff?
A: If your dealer allows online payoff transactions, then yes. Otherwise, you will need to contact the dealer directly.

Q: What type of loan information am I able to view?
A: You can see important payment details such as current amount due, due dates and account balances. In addition, you can view payment history, your assigned loan officer, remaining payment and current insurance information.

Q: Can I print payment receipts?
A: Yes. You can print a payment receipt from any previously made payment.

Q: Is there a convenience fee for making online credit card or ACH payments?
A: The dealer may charge you a convenience fee. You are able to see the convenience fee on the loan payment screen.